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Vana Kuuli 5

Multiplier strategy Vana Kuuli 5 example

Customer situation

  • Wish to get additional income via apartment rent
  • Available funds 40.000 eur
  • Return around 7% of capital invested
  • Client accept medium risk
  • Exit from investment could be within 1 year.


  • Find partner who can manage rental portfolio
  • Find apartment with decent rental potential and possible place for future living
  • Expected rental income min 400 eur per month
  • Income could be re-invested

During first consultation we found out

  • Customer needs support in rental property management (outside of tallinn)
  • Tallinn rental market provides opportunities for 400 eur monthly income the project with a value of at least 70.000 eur
  • Apartment should fullfill to strict customer’s requirements, not the cheapest choise in the segment

Multiplier strategy was selected as most appropriate for the customer

  • 2 room apartment under 90000 in a relatively new building (2005 y+) was selected as investment with good potential to grow its value
  • Targeted rental income 450-500 eur per month

Timeline of process

  • 07.06 – Selection of 10 suitable apartments
  • 12.06 – Client selected 4 apartments to visit
  • 14.06 -We contacted sellers to negotiate price, analyzed potential rental income
  • 02.07 – Together with client we visited 3 apartments and customer selected 1 to buy
  • 04.07 – We made final negotiations with seller
  • 05.07 – Notary contract signature
  • 07.07 – Apartments hand over
  • 12.07 – We organized needed furniture and Home staging
  • 14.07  – Tenant was found and deposit was recieved

Apartment after Home staging

Results - Vana Kuuli 5

  • Apartment was purchased for 89000 eur (market value 95000)
  • From initial customer request till tenant was found only 1,2 month
  • Our partner organized preparation of apartment for rent

–Missing furniture purchased and assambled

–Home staging to increase value and attractiveness

  • Big interest within target group to rent the apartment
  • Agreement with selected tenant was signed after 2 days from advert appeared on estate portals

Rental conditions

  • Monthly Rental fee: 500 eur
  • Deposit: 1000 eur

Customer Return on invested capital – 9,04%

Financial prediction - Vana Kuuli 5


“I am very satisfied with service level, it was very convenient and easy for me to invest into real estate in Tallinn. Earn and invest found nice apartment and very fast rented it out. They keep all given promises.
I recommend to use Earn and Invest OÜ service for all investors”

Kirill, Narva, small investor